Apple iPhone 3GS – Great Multimedia Smartphone in a Small Footprint

By | May 22, 2023

Since its inception in 2007 the iPhone has had a direct impact on the Smartphone market capturing huge market share since its release. The new iPhone 3GS model is no different and adds a host of new upgrades from previous models.

As a full featured phone and multimedia device the iPhone has gained popularity as the device of choice for the mobile multimedia enthusiast. The new iPhone 3GS is an enhancement over the previous 3G model and includes some new long awaited features by the iPhone community. Faster processing allows videos and web surfing to obtain peak performance. Applications can now load quicker utilizing the upgraded processor power. The new speed also helps e-mail to open and be read faster, as well as allowing for 3D graphics to be displayed clearly and lag free on the AT&T 3G network. It is stated that the 3GS is 2x faster than its predecessor the iPhone 3G.

Other new features include the ability to now shoot and record video through the built in camera. This is a definite plus for consumers as the 2G model could not record video through its camera. It also contains a new 3-megapixel onboard camera that allows you to take crisp clean shots. The autofocus allows for quick Since focus of objects and its new built in picture-tap feature allows users to tap the screen on objects to bring them into focus. The camera is still however lacking some power as other Smartphone’s on the market have been reaching the 5-megapixel range.

Voice control is also added to the new 3GS and phone users can now utilize this feature for voice recognition of contacts and music on the go. The built in Compass app feature can aid iPhone users on the move by accurately showing a graphical depiction of a compass. The new feature set also includes the ability of cut, copy, and paste. This has been a long awaited enhancement over previous models. iPhone 3GS also supports a Maps application, Safari browser, YouTube playback, stocks, and much more.

Tons of applications are available for the iPhone through the app store. Integration with iTunes is much like any other iPod or iPhone and is obtained through the bottom dock connector. The iPhone can connect to either a PC or Mac to sync your music library and downloaded apps.