Different Types of Online University Degrees

By | May 21, 2023

In this day and age where a degree is necessary for a great job and salary, earning it could never be easier. An online university degree is one of the most flexible options on the market because of its convenience, affordability, flexibility and comprehensive curriculum. There are many levels of degrees that you can earn though an online university, ranging from a certificate to a doctorate.


A certificate is awarded to a person who has completed anywhere from one month to one year of specialized training for a target field. While a certificate alone can in some instances get you a job, it is handier when it is an accompaniment to another higher degree. A certificate can be earned in almost any field of work, from healthcare to business.


An associate’s degree is awarded after the completion of two years of academic work at a university. An associate’s degree is great for many assisting jobs such as medical and dental assisting. Many people earn an associate’s degree first, work a few years, and then return to school to earn a bachelor’s degree after they have seen first-hand what their field looks like. This also a great opportunity to see if and where another round of higher education can benefit them.


A bachelor’s degree is awarded after the completion of four years of academic work, though it may be awarded after two years if the student has an associate’s degree and credits that are transferable. Some bachelor programs, such as those for engineering, require five years before the student is awarded a university degree. A bachelor’s degree has become the common requirement for most entry-level jobs in the workforce.


A master’s degree is awarded to students who have spent up to an additional six years of study in an extremely specialized field, such as medicine or law. It is usually considered a postgraduate degree, though in some cases it can be earned at the undergraduate level simultaneously with a bachelor’s degree, though this will take longer than the typical four years of undergraduate study. In order to apply for a master’s degree program, even in online universities, the applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or a certain number of related work experiences. A master’s degree significantly increases salary over a lifetime compared to just a bachelor’s degree.


A doctorate degree is one of the highest academic degrees offered at both online universities and traditional universities. Traditionally, doctorates are earned so that the student can become a teaching expert in that field. While this remains true, there are many doctorate holders that are prominent researchers in many fields. A doctorate is most commonly earned after seven years and is generally funded by private organizations, state or federal grants and research scholarships.

All of these degree levels are attainable through an online university as well as a brick and mortar institution. Increasingly, more and more people are earning these degrees online as a way to propel them further into the workforce of their field. Oftentimes, busy lifestyles, work schedules and location do not leave a lot of room to attend a regular class. For those in these categories, earning an online university degree is the perfect solution.